PLEASE NOTE: As from June 2019, ALL SMALL ORDERS of 30 or less must be accompanied by a SURCHARGE of 1 towards Post & Packing.


    1. Please download and print off the Order Form (below).

    2. Please complete as much of the Order Form as possible.

    3. An e-mail address, or a telephone number can rapidly resolve any problems or ambiguities in the items ordered, thus saving unnecessary delays.      

    4. Please indicate clearly the period in which you are modelling each set. e.g.  LMS or BR(LMR). This affects which smokebox plate is sent!

    5. The “Tender Type” , coupled with the Period Modelled, enables me to check that the correctly numbered tender plate is included in your set. This avoids trying to re-name an existing model which has say, a Hawksworth 4000g tender , to a name that never had such a tender attached to it during the time you are modelling it !    Believe me, it has happened many times, and I am pleased to be able to check this to save any embarrassment for you ! If you know for certain the tender number you require, please state this on your Order Form.

    6. Where a Shed Plate is required, please state which you require, and kindly order quoting its code if known (e.g. “30A” ) , rather than its name “Stratford” . This will again speed up despatch of your order, as my stock of shed plates are located by codes rather than names, and if I try to remember them by names I could occasionally send the wrong plate!

    7. Please always print your Address clearly in Block Capitals, especially your Postcode.

      Thank you for ordering Severn Mill Nameplates, and I hope they will always delight you with their authentic appearance and quality of etching.

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